What I Do

angelique du toit stylist and coach hags with attitude

I engage with women like you to ensure your wardrobe accurately reflects your personality and unique style. Together we will design the way for you to communicate this to others.

Along the journey you will have fun discovering your individual and evolving style to suit your lifestyle and personal tastes in clothing.

My experience of 24 years as an executive coach, trained fashion designer and stylist are at your disposal in navigating the territory of life beyond 50. I am passionate that as women of a certain age, we have the power to rewrite the script to reflect the reality of older women in contemporary society.

It is time to explore and embrace the gifts the third phase of life has to offer, with all its accompanying changes and opportunities.

As a woman with experience of being 50+ I am therefore well placed to help women like you navigate the future choices you wish to make for this stage of your life. These choices may take into account the personal as well as professional changes you want to bring about.

These choices will be unique to each individual woman, whether you are currently employed, running your own business or having stepped off the career ladder earlier.

We make different choices at different stages of our lives and continue to do so if we choose to evolve rather than stagnate. I provide support in helping you make the right choices at the right time.

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