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angelique du toit midlife stylist

I work with women of midlife and beyond who recognise the connection with their wardrobe and their level of confidence. I do so either online or face-to-face, both achieving the results you seek.

As a coach, qualified fashion designer and stylist I am well equipped to support women in putting together a wardrobe that is comfortable, stylish and reflecting who they are. 

Fashion trends do not equate to style

Create Your Own Personal Style

collection of colour material swatches

To help you create your personal style, we will begin with analysing what your wardrobe says about you and the image you have of yourself.

We will use colour analysis to determine the colours that will make the most of your skin tone and put the pop back into your wardrobe.


stylish layout jumper scarf make up notebad nail varnish

I will share with you the tricks of the trade to wear clothes to suit your body shape and how to use accessories for the purpose of lifting an outfit from being ordinary to unique.

Creating a personal style will allow you to make conscious choices regarding the visual impact you inevitably have on yourself as well as others. Fashion trends do not equate to style and recognising your personal style signature requires support and guidance.

stylish layout jumper scarf make up notebad nail varnish
"The personal styling with Angélique has given me a huge boost. I have a much clearer idea of what colours and styles suit me and now approach clothes shopping with a lot more confidence! Angélique explains why it is important to be aware and intuitive about colour and how this can enhance your style. I now realise which colours help to give me a natural face lift & brighten my eyes. It was all so much fun and so easy too!"
Susan (Senior Project Manager)​


styling with colours and fabrics

How and what you choose to wear is a powerful tool in non-verbal communication and a great medium through which you express your identity and personality.


coaching stylist with colours and swatches

My transformational coaching will give you the confidence to explore and embrace a new phase in life with all its opportunities and design a wardrobe appropriate to your chosen lifestyle.


angelique du toit coaching and styling books

I have written a number of books on coaching and lifestyle and have a new book coming soon aimed at women aged 50 plus who refuse to join the ranks of the invisible older women.

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