As a transformational coach, my passion is the growth and development of organisations and their people, with particular emphasis on the people. It allows me to challenge and support clients by being the provocateur and ask the questions they have not been asked before or dared to ask of themselves. 

Transformational coaching is the process through which the individual learns to take ownership for the creation of their own reality, based on active and practical learning. Using a collaborative relationship, I work with my clients to co-construct the outcomes they seek to achieve.

We continue to develop, learn and discover new facets about ourselves, no matter what age we have reached. Nor does this journey end when our traditional careers come to an end. In fact, life after 50 gives us the opportunity to discover so many new things about ourselves and rediscover lost longings which we had to shelve during our years of earning a living and possibly raising a family. 

Coaching is the tool that gives us the confidence to explore and embrace a new phase in life with all its gifts and benefits.