I work with women to define their evolving and unique persona enabling them to express this through their personal and individual style. I engage with clients both virtually and face-to-face to ensure that their style accurately communicates who they are.

My purpose is to support you whether it is to recalibrate your identity in your current role, prepare you for a new role and new opportunities or to change pace altogether. This may include a part-time role, embarking on new adventures or all-out retirement.

My experience of 23 years as an executive coach, trained fashion designer and expertise as a personal stylist is at your disposal in navigating the new territory of life beyond 50. It is time to explore and embrace the gifts the third phase of life has to offer, with all its accompanying changes and opportunities.

I am well able to help women like you to navigate the future choices you wish to make for this stage of your lives, include both personal and professional changes. These choices will be unique to each individual woman, whether you are currently employed, running your own business or have already stepped off the career ladder.