Having been trained as a fashion designer and personal stylist, I am well equipped to support you in expressing your own unique identity and brand. One way to achieve this is by wearing the colours and clothes to make the visual impact you seek to communicate in different circumstances. 

I do so by drawing on my knowledge as a coach and fashion designer, supported by my insight of colour psychology, colour analysis and personal styling. How and what we choose to wear is a great source of personal expression and a powerful tool in non-verbal communication.

As we get older, our bodies change and we tend to lose some of our youthful colour. What suited us 10 or 20 years ago is not necessarily going to suit us now. The challenge is that we may now not know how to make the most of our best attributes. We may also be mourning who and what our clothes represented to us in the past. 

There is so much more about clothes than merely serving to cover our bodies for modesty or to keep us warm. It is a medium through which we may express our identities and personalities. We do so irrespective of our lack of awareness, but it is much more sensible (and fun!) to do so consciously and with purpose. 

You may seek my expertise as a coach or combine it with the various options I offer as a personal stylist. If the support you need is not identified within these services, together we will tailor what you need at this particular time of your life. 

I prefer not to provide a prescriptive menu of services, but instead co-construct with you the outcomes you seek. Furthermore, your needs may very well evolve and change as we begin to work together. 

You can begin this journey with us determining your colour through the process of colour analysis.

It is then followed by personal styling, which sets out to identify your body and face shape for the purpose of selecting the style of clothes and accessories that will enhance your best attributes. 

We will also explore your clothing personality that may have been hidden for a long time, but is now to be allowed to contribute to your appearance once again!

We will then go on to have fun weeding your wardrobe to replace those items that no longer serve you and that probably should never have made their way into your wardrobe in the first place! 

Once you’ve cleared away the old and inappropriate garments, it is time to hit the shops; virtually or in person to find items to reflect the you as you are now. 

To assist our shopping spree, I will advise you how to build a capsule wardrobe for various situations, focusing on what you need rather than indulging in impulse buying. Although, there are times when impulse buying is relevant.