The title of the blog reflects the philosophy that will underpin everything you will read here. It is aimed at women with strong opinions and passion who have lived, loved, lost, travelled, raised a family or not, managed companies, held senior positions and possibly still do some or all of these at the moment.

Life is also about change and as women of a certain age some of the changes we face include decisions about whether to retire, start a new company, pursue dreams we have never had the time to realise or to completely reinvent ourselves. Whatever changes and decisions we face, the attitude with which we approach it will determine to a large extent what the outcome is likely to be.

This blog is therefore for women interested in reading the stories of inspirational women who have gone before, updates on current research about that which is of interest and relevance to us, top tips from various experts and above all, a place to find solace when needed. You can expect to be challenged, informed and inspired and read how all of this might apply to women who represent the rich cultural diversity of our world.

My own life experiences have been underpinned by a passion for people and found expression in many years as a coach and an academic. Many of the topics I will introduce will therefore be viewed and discussed through the lens of my experiences of people from all walks of life.

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