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‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken.’

Oscar Wilde

Be curious! Be bold!

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As a coach and stylist, I work exclusively with midlife women who refuse to join the ranks of the invisible older women. I work with my clients both virtually as well as face-to-face.

Clothing is an extension of who we are, and I offer the tools to encourage you to wear your clothes with confidence irrespective of, or perhaps because of, your age.

Together we will peel away the layers to once again reveal your hidden self, starting with your appearance. The benefits are that you will have the physical as well as emotional benefits of wearing what suits you as an individual.

The constant media message, especially from the beauty industry, is that we need to persistently battle against ageing through anti-ageing beauty products that will halt the tide of ageing.

The message is that we are somehow less valuable and eventually over time, these messages begin to erode our confidence as we get older.

"I loved my sessions with Angélique. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging. Moreover, Angélique made the whole experience so much fun! She was able to explain why some outfits I thought should look good on me really didn't work. She gave me excellent advice on what colours and styles suit me and my body shape, great make-up tips and how to make the very best of myself. The whole experience was inspirational!"
Carol (Journalist)
angelique du toit stylist and coach

Beauty comes from within irrespective of our age. Our level of confidence plays a key role in our willingness to allow the inner beauty to find expression on the outside. Our beauty needs are even more important as we get older than when we were younger, if not more so.

There are many ways in which I will support you to reclaim your confidence, the coaching conversation being the starting point. We may then focus our attention on your wardrobe and have fun in discovering the colours and garments that will bring out the best in you.

I offer the support needed for you to navigate the transitions we face at different stages of life by way of coaching and the powerful role played by our external appearance. Together we will discover and create your individual and timeless clothing persona, by selecting the right clothes and accessories.

In so doing, you will reveal your unique personality rather than slavishly follow the seasonal fashion trends. It’s good for you, your wallet and the planet.

Don’t delay! Get in touch so we can begin the conversation to design the support best suited to your present needs.


angelique du toit stylist and coach
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