Goodnight Doll: A tribute to my gay brother and his partner on their rollercoaster journey with prostate cancer

This book is a tribute to two ordinary people and their journey with cancer through a love that was anything but ordinary. Neither of them are famous nor feature in the social pages of magazines or newspapers. Yet their lives together were an inspiration to anyone who had the privilege of bearing witness to the exceptional bond that sustained them through their six-year ordeal with terminal prostate cancer. The two people are my gay brother, Eugene, and his partner of 23 years, Pieter. This tribute celebrates the passion my brother had for his profession as a nurse, his passion for art and music and, above all, the passion with which he lived and loved. We are known and remembered through the stories people tell about us. These stories are passed down from generation to generation. As Eugene and Pieter did not have any children to pass on their stories to future generations, this book is my gift to them to ensure their story is captured and remembered. This book is therefore written as a tribute to both Eugene and Pieter, their ordeal with terminal prostate cancer and the additional challenges they faced as a gay couple in a complex, conservative society in South Africa.

Making Sense of Coaching

In her latest book, Angélique du Toit goes beyond the techniques and goals explored in most coaching texts to examine the process of coaching and the importance of sense-making for creating meaning and encouraging self-reflection. In doing this, the coaching experience emerges as a type of transformational learning, in which the individual is guided through a journey of discovery and revelation. Theories are drawn together in a fresh and original way which will cause readers to question how coaching should be defined and practised.

Dr Angélique du Toit is an academic practitioner and is involved in the delivery of academic programmes and publications related to coaching. She is also an Executive Coach supporting senior executives in their personal development in both the public and private sectors.

Rethinking Coaching: Critical Theory and the Economic Crisis

Coaching is being proposed as the best method to encourage a change in the ideologies that have brought about the credit crunch. The authors’ concern is to show how coaching can widen its intellectual range to become a progressively more effective technique within organizational life.

[(Corporate Strategy: A Feminist Perspective )] [Author: Angelique Du Toit] [Nov-2006]

Corporate Strategy Attempting to challenge male-dominated theory, this book focuses on the corporate strategy arena. It is of interest to corporate strategists and social theorists.