Top Tips by the Experts

Some Top Tips from stylist Liz Clothier

liz-clothier“Fashion is not frivolous, it is a part of being alive today.” This is a quote from Mary Quant, one of my style heroes and, I believe, an innovator of fashion as we know it today. This came to mind when Angélique very kindly asked me to write a few Top Tips for her latest, wonderful blog. The blog gives many good reasons why we should feel good, not guilty, about fashion and being fashionable, whatever our age.

So, now we’ve agreed that fashion is a good and positive thing, how can we add to our wardrobe and give a nod to the current fashions without necessarily going the ‘whole hog’ (as my dear Mum would have said)? Well, I swear by some well-chosen:


A scarf in the current season’s colorway and print can be one of the best purchases you can make. It livens up a dull sweater, adds a pop of color to a plain coat and acts as an extra layer when the temperature drops. There are lots of lovely new prints and colors to chose from and I’ve highlighted a few below.

A bag is often a more expensive way to add a bit of current fashion trend to your look, but it doesn’t have to be. There are lots of new shapes, fabrics and colors in most of the high street fashion retailers and, if you just want to add a quick wardrobe update, then you don’t have to spend a fortune. Just be prepared – if you’re anything like me – for the bag to need throwing away after si-months-worth of heavy duty usage! If you’re thinking of buying an investment piece then the sky is, literally, the limit. Unless you have lots of money to spend, my advice is to stick with more classic styles and colors if you’re investing and ‘go for the trend’ if you’re spending less.

A new pair of shoes can make you feel a million dollars or can result in pain!! As I get older I realize the benefits of a comfortable pair of shoes or boots. I’m not saying that I always go for boring but I must say that I have definitely moved towards a block heel and away from a stiletto recently. Thankfully, so has the fashion industry. If you find a make that you find really comfy then it’s worth going back to the same brand when indulging your footwear fetish. Again, a pair of shoes can update a look by adding current color, print and texture. My advice is to think carefully what you will be wearing the shoes for. If it’s a ‘taxi to table’ pair then go for it. However, if you’re planning to wear them all day, most days then major on comfort. And a big tip: NEVER wear a new pair of shoes for an all-day city visit!!

Other accessory options include belts, gloves, hats and jewelry. There are so many wonderful options and new looks available and it’s a great update your style without breaking the bank or causing excess fashion anxiety!


My experience of styling women from many different walks and times of life is that, by the time we reach a certain age we know what colors suit us. However, there’s always an opportunity to experiment a little. I have so many clients who say, “I can’t possibly wear that color!” Obviously, there are certain colors that suit us better than others but that doesn’t mean we can’t experiment with different tones and combinations of the colors we love.

This season there are so many wonderful shades to choose from. One of my favorites is burgundy and, for Autumn/Winter ’16, rusts, reds and burgundies are available in spades. Red is the color with the widest spectrum and there is a red out there for everyone. So, no excuses, go and find one that you love. You don’t have to buy top-to-toe red, adding a t-shirt under a cardigan or jacket can be enough of a color statement and a reasonably low-risk option.

There are lots of beautiful autumnal rust and orange shades, as well as lovely teal blues and olives hitting the high-street and online. In addition, soft blues, dust greys and ceramic pinks are featuring and work well in combination with the more formal navy, black and charcoal colors that we probably all have in our current wardrobes. Adding a new pop of color can make us feel so much more ‘on trend’ and bring new life to an ‘old favorite’ garment.

As Chanel said: “The best color in the world is the one that looks best – on you!”


Every season new treatments to fabrics emerge, often due to innovations in science and sourcing. Following the fashion conscious theme of Angélique’s blog, many fashion retailers are introducing ethically sourced clothing ranges and these are definitely worth looking out for. Recycled fabrics, new biodegradable yarns and Fair Trade initiatives all play a major part in fashion today.

This season leather and suede are a big statement but we don’t necessarily have to buy the real thing. There are many fashion conscious alternatives, especially where suede-look fabrics are concerned. Velvet and jersey fabrics play a major part too and again, many are ethically sourced. Other fabric treatments come in the form of animal prints, checks and stripes. Adding a blouse in an animal print to a plain black trouser has an instant updating effect. And, if you’re really daring, you could even try a pair of suedette or pleather trousers with a top you already own. There are so many options – it just takes a bit of experimentation.

I could go on forever! As you can see, fashion is my passion and my biggest delight is making people feel confident through the way they look. For more tips and advice please visit my website: and I look forward to writing further additions to Angélique’s blogs in the future. Happy shopping!!





The Power of Attitude

For inspiration and examples of the power of attitude, view the following introductory clip of the TV documentary on Channel 4 namely, Fabulous Fashionistas, which is still available to watch in its entirety, and an example of women who choose to live life with a positive attitude.