The Power of Attitude

For those of you who have already read my book, H.A.G.S. with Attitude: A philosophy for ageing, you will know that Attitude is a thread that runs throughout the book. It is a powerful state of mind that influences all aspects of our lives. I recently stumbled upon a powerful example of how with the right attitude we can turn adversity into fortuity.

As part of the research for my book, I was fortunate enough to meet up with Tom Davies, bespoke eyewear designer to the rich and famous. He has a number of boutique stores in London who stock his exquisite glasses and his designs are sold around the world through a distribution network of opticians. 

Included in his prestigious directory of clients, he is also the go-to designer for the film industry. He has designed the glasses for famous Hollywood films, including Superman and recently an order for the 120 frames used in the film, Cruella. Apart from the gorgeous eyewear, the film is a must see for anyone with the slightest interest in breaktaking costumes. 

In addition to being a famous eyewear designer, Tom Davies is also a philanthropist and has supported Orbis since 2005. This is a charity that works to eliminate avoidable blindness where possible.

Following the completion of the Hollywood movie, Cruella, Tom announced that the glasses from the movie would be auctioned, and the funds raised to be donated to Orbis. A few days before the auction was to take place, his Sloane Square store where the glasses where kept, was burgled. 

Instead of shrugging his shoulders in acceptance and proceed with the insurance claim, leaving it for the Police to track down the burglars, Tom immediately jumped into action to raise awareness of the burglary and the loss of the much needed donation to Orbis. 

He contacted various media, printed Wanted posters and, together with his family, they personally distributed these posters throughout the Sloan Square area. He offered a free pair of sunglasses to anyone who returned a pair of the stolen glasses. His determination and attitude not to allow the theft to deprive Orbis of much needed donations, paid off and the publicity has helped raise the profile of his beloved charity. 

It is a motivating story of how with the right attitude to challenging circumstances we may very well achieve much more than we had set out to do in the first instance. There is no doubt that his attitude has contributed to the phenomenal success Tom Davies has achieved as the leader of eyewear design worldwide. 

The story of Tom Davies supports my own experience and deep conviction that whatever we encounter in life our attitude is critical in how we deal with it. My book offers many more examples of women that, similar to Tom Davies, refuse to bow to adversity and extracted the positive from many challenging life experiences.

Breaking news! As I put the final touches to my blog, it was announced that one of the burglars has been apprehended and is now in police custody. 


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