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The content of your wardrobe is a powerful and tangible expression of your inner world. We will work together to ensure congruence between the message you want to convey with your garments and accessories.

How and what you choose to wear is a great source of personal expression and a powerful tool in non-verbal communication.

One way to achieve this is by consciously wearing the colours and clothes to make the visual impact you seek to communicate irrespective of the circumstances. It frees you from the unpredictable vagaries of fashion.

There is so much more about clothes than merely serving to cover your body for modesty or to keep you warm.

It is a medium through which you express your identity and personality.

women stylist giving advice on colours and fabrics

You do so irrespective of conscious awareness. However, it is much more sensible, as well as fun, to do so consciously and with purpose.

I recommend we begin with the end in mind namely, to explore and understand what your wardrobe is communicating about your inner world; past, present and the desirable future.

We will discover your colour palette best suited to your skin tone that will also serve to achieve a wardrobe consisting of items that work together in harmony. I will introduce you to the influence of colour psychology on the colour choices we make.

measuring body type and style and shape

We will identify your body and face shape for the purpose of selecting the clothes and accessories that will enhance your best attributes.

We will also explore your clothing personality that may have been hidden for a long time, anxious to be allowed to contribute to your appearance once again.

Along the way you will have the joy in streamlining your wardrobe, creating space for garments better suited to your lifestyle and unique silhouette.

measuring body type and style and shape
"Engaging in this styling advice with Angélique was so helpful in terms of sorting out my look, style and wardrobe. The sessions were informative and fun and Angélique made me feel very comfortable and it was all very easy to understand. I feel as if this has transformed my image for the future and I won’t waste time, energy (and money) in the future on clothes I will never wear or don’t do me any favours! I have a renewed confidence in myself and my image as a result and the whole process was really enjoyable."
Ruth (Senior Academic)
wardrobe of colourful clothes messy before tidy after

Once you’ve cleared away the old and inappropriate garments, it is time to hit the shops; virtually or in person, to find items to reflect the emerging you and replace the gaps in your wardrobe.

To assist our shopping spree, I will advise you how to build a capsule wardrobe for various situations, focusing on what you need rather than indulging in impulse buying. Although, there are times when an impulse buy is allowed.

Building a capsule wardrobe helps to save space, money and not to mention the time deciding what to wear. A capsule wardrobe is the backbone of your wardrobe. The result is that every piece of clothing, as well as accessory, work together seamlessly and harmoniously.

stylish collection of shoes accessories feather boa jewellery
collection of various styles and colours of hats

Accessories provide the wow factor to any outfit, if chosen consciously and with care. I will share with you the tricks of the trade to transform any garment from average to fabulous, showing your unique clothing personality and style at its best.

No outfit is complete without the art of applying makeup appropriately and you will learn to use colours and techniques of makeup application to complete any outfit or look you wish to achieve.

Your styling journey may start with discovering your colour palette. The next step will be to identify the clothes that work with your body shape, continuing to create a wardrobe that reflects your personal identity.

However, I prefer not to provide a prescriptive menu of services. Instead I co-construct with you the outcomes you seek to achieve. Furthermore, your needs may very well evolve and change as we begin to work together.

Together we will tailor what you need at a particular time of your life.

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