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The summer break is over and in the Northern Hemisphere we are nudging closer towards autumn. The changes of the seasons are always a good time for us to review our wardrobe and have a good old sort out.

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, probably because I am warm toned and I am particularly drawn to the autumn colours, which suit me very well. I love nothing more than going for a walk in nature and relish in the warm, rich seasonal colours. I make an annual trip to the Lake District around October time to feast my eyes on the abundant vibrant autumn colours to be found here. 

However, sorting out your wardrobe doesn’t mean having to discard half of your wardrobe. If you buy sensibly and take care of your clothes, they will last you for many years to come. You will know from previous posts that I am a passionate believer in slow fashion.

It may simply mean that your wardrobe can do with some updating which is easily achieved with accessories. Adding a scarf, bag, jewellery, hats, gloves or shoes is an excellent way of updating your wardrobe. Furthermore, it allows you to be as creative as you want to be and express your individuality. 

Adding an accessory to an outfit can also be fun and providing inspiration to combine items you may never have considered hitherto. It also allows us to introduce a splash of colour to perhaps an otherwise neutral or conservative outfit. With an accessory you can be bold and daring as well as timeless at the same time.

Many of us at a certain age need to wear glasses. However, we see them as a necessity and not as an accessory. Yet glasses are powerful ways in adding colour and individuality to your outfits. 

You do not necessarily have to spend a fortune on a pair of glasses but I suggest you invest in at least two pairs. Glasses are probably one of the most powerful accessories we can own. They are the first thing someone will notice about you and therefore an opportunity to express your personality and taste. 

I reiterate my mantra that clothes serve a greater purpose than merely covering our bodies. Clothes and accessories are ways in which we express our own unique personalities. 

So, be daring and have fun with accessories this autumn and winter! Hopefully my video provides you with some inspiration. 

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