Covid Christmas

The uncertainty surrounding Christmas this year makes it very difficult to plan our party outfits. Who knows, there may not be any parties at all! Or they may more resemble bonfire nights, hugging cups of hot chocolate or gluhwein around an outdoor warming fire. Maybe we can continue to slop around in our leggings or tracksuit bottoms and curl up under the duvet.

However, I am of the believe that no matter how many people may be around your bonfire or Christmas turkey, sequence, feathers and bows remain compulsory for Christmas. There is no excuse for lowering the standards even if Christmas parties take place via zoom. 


Clothes have the power to lift our spirits and bring the cheer into Christmas, albeit one like never before. One thing remains constant and that is getting dolled up for the festive season is a must. You may choose to treat yourself to a new outfit or add a new spin to an old outfit. Remember, accessories are a great way to transform an existing outfit without breaking the bank. 

Home sweet home will have a totally different meaning this Christmas and many of us may very well decide to celebrate alone at home with our immediate family. We have become very adept at connecting with our wider family and friends virtually and Christmas this year will no doubt be the same. Even more reason to don the party outfits and arrange virtual get togethers. 

With many people now working from home, it is a great opportunity for the family to create a homemade Christmas that includes home baking and family activities as part of the preparations. 

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It is an opportunity for the family to invent and create activities leading up to and during the festive season. Use your imaginations and get creative. The mere fact that this Christmas will be different, may very well make it one of your family’s most memorable ones. 

The Santa grotto will equally take on a new persona this year. However, no doubt Santa has also become adept at zoom get togethers with the children. As we will be spending much more time in our homes over the festive season, creating a Christmas wonderland is a priority for the whole family. 

It is more important than ever to make memories and spread some festive cheer. Talking of cheer, one of the benefits this Christmas is we don’t have to negotiate who will be doing the driving and who will be doing the drinking. Everyone can enjoy the festive cheer safely at home.   

Who knows, we may very well look back at this Christmas and reflect that it was one of the best ever. Families spent time together without interruption and distractions memories to be shared at future festivities.

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