angelique du toit coach out in nature

As a transformational coach my passion has been for the growth and development of organisations and their people, with particular emphasis on the people.

However, coaching is not reserved for the corporate world alone and the coaching conversation is also a powerful start to our styling conversation. Together we can discover your relationship with clothes and how you can use your wardrobe to communicate your unique personal style.

Transformational coaching, whether in a professional or styling context, provides you with the tools to take ownership for the choices you make. Together we will co-construct the outcomes you seek through a collaborative relationship.

We continue to develop, learn and discover new facets about ourselves, no matter what age we are. Nor should this process cease when our traditional careers come to an end. Instead, we have endless new experiences to enjoy that stretch beyond our professional lives.

In fact, life after 50 gives us the opportunity to dust off the cobwebs from long lost hobbies and passions shelved during our years of earning a living and possibly raising a family.

Coaching is the tool that will give you the confidence to explore and embrace a new phase in life with all its opportunities and design a wardrobe appropriate to your chosen lifestyle.

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