Coaching Options

My experience as an International Coach of 20 years confirms that whatever we may call success, whether it is defined as personal or professional, is dependent on many factors. However, one overriding element that has been proven time and time again is that the outcomes we desire start from within. Success is an internal job and reflects what we value as an individual.

Every person is different and I therefore approach coaching from an eclectic perspective rather than one particular discipline or technique. My support is dictated by whatever the individual needs at that particular moment in time of their lives. My overall philosophy is, however, to work with my clients to achieve lasting change and to leave them with the tools to self-coach long after our sessions have ended.

Although my coaching intervention has been for the purpose of career development at senior levels of the organization, the person has always been at the heart of the process. Increasingly, I have been sought out to support clients with making the life transitions that accompany decisions about what sort of life they want to lead beyond the formal years associated with careers. The outcomes have been as varied as the clients themselves, from starting new businesses, pursuing hobbies, full-time education, travelling around the world, to full blown retirement.

Whatever the outcome my clients have sought, my intent has always been to support them in being the best of who they are capable of being, not merely in professional achievements, but in a holistic way that takes all aspects of their lives into account and resulting in a higher level of personal awareness.

My coaching therefore ranges from individual support, group workshops and retreats held in various parts of the world. For a further discussion about how we can work together, email me at