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Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion, according to the designer, Kate Fletcher, from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion is the answer to fast fashion, but it needs each and every one of us to make that a reality. In essence, slow fashion is buying only what we need and reduce …

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Sustainable Fashion

I start the year on a serious note. Our focus is understandably on Covid and the devastating impact it has on our lives as individuals, businesses and global implications. However, a disaster of equal magnitude is hurtling towards us, namely the destruction of our planet.  …

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Covid Christmas

The uncertainty surrounding Christmas this year makes it very difficult to plan our party outfits. Who knows, there may not be any parties at all! Or they may more resemble bonfire nights, hugging cups of hot chocolate or gluhwein around an outdoor warming fire. Maybe …

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Dress for Zoom

As we will continue to be communicating for the foreseeable future via online means with family, friends and colleagues, I thought it worthwhile sharing my experiences of the impact clothes and colour have on the message we communicate. Having spent many hours in meetings and …

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Your Silhouette

Like a fingerprint, style is a personal and unique and communicates our individual identities. The choices we make regarding the type of clothes, the fabrics, accessories, the colours we are attracted to and the way we combine these ingredients all reflect our unique personality and …

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