Going South

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Let’s face it, the only creature that looks cute and cuddly with sagging and wrinkling skin is a Shar Pei. Unfortunately, not for the rest of us especially if you are a woman conscious of your appearance.

One of our granddaughters offered me the quintessential wisdom of the child when she recently made reference to my creases. Needless to say she was referring to my increasingly visible wrinkles. However, it made me laugh and I decided that a much more positive approach in accepting my wrinkles was to think of them as creases instead.

I was reminded of the fact that it has been some time since I received a compliment in relation to my bottom. It has been known for me to be stopped in the street by strangers and complemented on an exceptional derrière. I hasten to add that it was a long time ago.

It will probably fly in the face of political correct behaviour in contemporary society. Fascinating how such correct behaviour may not be quite so offensive as you get older! Remember the wolf whistle of days gone by. Sadly, not really…..

It is an inevitable, unavoidable, scientific fact that as we age everything; jowls, neck, under arms, décolleté, not to mention the derrière, heads south. As with anything unavoidable we have choice in how we respond. But why does it happen and is there anything we can do to slow down the process?

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As is to be expected our heredity, body type and lifestyle will all add to the inevitable. There is also the marching of time and the annoying fact of gravity that works against us. Eventually what used to be firm and bouncy becomes loose and droopy.

When we age fat naturally atrophies and the skin becomes loose which gives the important parts of the body a saggy look. As is to be expected oestrogen is once again a main contributor when it comes to influencing our ageing bodies.

After menopause our oestrogen levels begin to fall and in relation to the breasts various glands and milk ducts go into retirement and begin to shrink. To add insult to injury the tissue that makes breasts firm also begins to shrivel and is replaced by fat, which is heavier and struggling to withstand gravity.

A further contributing factor to looser looking skin is due to our old enemy, cellulite. We also tend to lose muscle mass as we age, making its own contribution to the unwanted shape of our bodies.

By the time you get this far you are no doubt in a state of depression and reaching for the biscuit tin! Fear not, there are some things within our control that we can do to slow down the inevitable force of gravity.

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In the first instance, thanks to modern technology, there are numerous ranges of underwear that will comfortably support sagging body parts. It is therefore worth the effort to visit a reputable underwear store or boutique for professional help and fitting. I stress the word comfortable unlike memories I have of my Mother’s generation who had to contort themselves into a rubber garment that any S&M mistress would have been proud of!

I’m sure you would also expect me to say that eating healthily and maintaining a steady weight is top of the list. The next obvious thing is that of exercise. However, there is no need to rush to an expensive gym and pay for membership you are highly unlikely to maintain.

The bottom line, if you will excuse the pun, is to put on your walking shoes and go for a good old-fashioned walk that includes going uphill. Walking has the added benefit of getting you out into the fresh air bringing with it further health benefits. In addition, wherever possible climb the stairs rather than take the lift.

So, as the song by Nancy Sinatra goes, boots let’s start walking!

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