Christmas Cheer

img_2117If like me your internal child gets excited with anticipation as December draws near, you will agree that you are never too old to enjoy the Christmas magic. Or magic at any other time of the year for that matter. We all grow older but it doesn’t mean we have to grow away from a youthful heart that can enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

We are constantly reminded to act our age. Instead, just act yourself whatever that means to you. For me Christmas officially starts the first weekend of December and that is when my beloved house gets turned into a Christmas winter wonderland. I spend the weekend painstakingly taking out the decorations, tinsels and old friends I have packed away with care at the end of the previous festivities.

I have talked about an attitude of gratitude in a number of posts and for me it is particularly true this time of the year. The Christmas period is also a time for reflection, giving us the opportunity to count the blessings we have enjoyed throughout the year. Furthermore, it also gives us the chance to reach out to others who may not have been as lucky or as blessed as we have been.

The Christmas spirit means different things to different people. For some it is an association with Christian beliefs and the birth of Christ. For others it might mean an attitude of happiness found in the fellowship with family and friends. Above all it is about giving and sharing with others; an attitude of the heart.

It is true that Christmas has become over-commercialised and for some it is just a reason for a good party and the consumption of too much food and alcohol. However, if it means that for a short period of time in the year we become conscious of the needs of others and a sense of gratitude for our own abundance, then it is worth it.

img_2113In keeping with the sentiment of my blog and growing older, there will be those who will be alone at Christmas. Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely but that might very well be the case for many. Some people may have lost their partner through the year and it might be the first Christmas on their own.

If we do find ourselves on our own at Christmas, reach out and connect with others. There are so many organisations and groups ensuring that people are not alone at Christmas if they do not want to be so. Alternatively, why not organise a get-together for others in a similar position?

Whatever the Christmas spirit means to you, and however you are going to celebrate it, go on, immerse yourself in the magic and go and spread some Christmas cheer!

I will be back in early January to share more of my musings. I wish you everything you wish yourself for Christmas and also a very happy New Year!

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